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Meridian Air Charter: Private Jet Charter Services

Meridian Offers an Outstanding Charter Flight Experience. You can choose an aircraft from our large, self-managed fleet or one from our affiliates. Our aircraft charter service offers a private, productive and expeditious way to travel. Our 63 years of experience, perfect safety record and new 30,000 square foot executive terminal sets us apart from other providers. We are Meridian, the line by which all others are measured.

Why Charter with Meridian?
  • Aircraft selection to fit your speed, privacy, in-flight amenities, and cost requirements.
  • Immediate price quotes.
  • Convenient scheduling of travel to airports closest to your destination.
  • Our skilled staff is available 24 hours a day to help you plan your most convenient, time saving and cost efficient charter.
  • Perfect safety record.
  • Our Flight Crews are regularly trained in full motion simulators.
  • ARG/US Platinum Rated.
  • Wyvern Recommended.

Meridian Air Charter: Concert Tours

Extensive experience!
Our special pricing structure eliminates minimums and reduces R.O.N.’s.
Discreet professionals appreciate a familiar crew. Call us at (800) 882-2333
or email to speak with one of our
Concert Tour Specialists.