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Meridian Teterboro's Award-Winning Maintenance Facility Also Offers a Professional Aircraft Detailing Service.

The Meridian aircraft detailing crew are certified and available to extend their exceptional services beyond the Meridian fleet.

Specialized products and trained technicians are required to deliver the best service possible. Our technicians are dedicated to aircraft cleaning. They work very closely with the aircraft manufacturers and cleaning supply manufacturers to insure that the best products are used for cleaning both the interior and the exterior of your aircraft.

Full Interior Detail Cleaning
  • Cockpit
    • Clean all Instrument Panels and Screens
    • Clean all Windows and Sun Visors
    • Vacuum all Seats and Floors
    • Sanitize all Oxygen Masks
  • Galley
    • Clean & Disinfect Trash Bins
    • Clean Coffee Areas
    • Wipe & Polish Wood/Formica
    • Spot Clean Stains & Vacuum Rug
  • Lavatory
    • Clean & Polish all Wood/Formica
    • Clean Windows and Mirrors
    • Empty & Clean Trash Dispenser
    • Note ~ Any Extras on Full Interior Detail will be charged accordingly.
  • Cabin
    • Clean & Polish Service Ledges and Tables
    • Clean & Organize Magazine Racks
    • Clean & Polish all Leather/Vinyl
    • Apply Leather Protector on Leather/Vinyl
    • Wipe all Windows and Seatbelts of Finger Prints
    • Spot Clean Stains & Vacuum Rug
    Note ~ Any Extras on Full Interior Detail will be charged accordingly.

Full Exterior Detail Cleaning
  • Hand Dry Wash entire plane removing insect accumulation and residue, dirt, grease and oxidization.
  • Clean & Polish Wheels, Tires and Landing Gear
  • Clean Windows with Special Micro Towel for better view
Full Exterior Bright Work Detail
  • Revitalize old, dull, or oxidized paint.
    • Process includes machine buffing of painted surfaces with a non abrasive compound, followed by finishing polish to protect the paint and leave a great shine.
  • Cleaning /Stripping & Polishing Boots.
    • Process includes stripping boots, if necessary, and polishing which is designed to restore, protect and leave a high-gloss shine.
  • Bright Work on Leading Edge.
    • Process includes polishing chrome edges of aircraft. It also includes removing scratches, hard water spots, oxidization and dirt. This will leave a lustrous, long lasting finish.

Quick Turn Detail Cleaning
  • Interior
    • Wipe Down & Polish all Wood/Formica
    • Wipe Down all Leather/Vinyl
    • Clean & Sanitize Lavatory
    • Vacuum & Spray Air Freshener
  • Exterior
    • Dry Wash Leading Edges of Dirt and Insect Accumulation and Residue
    • Dry Wash Under and Around Engine Nacelles of Aircraft
    • Dry Wash Nose and Clean Front Windshield
    • Clean & Polish Wheels and Tires
Carpet Cleaning and Shampoo
  • Process includes hand spot cleaning heavy soiled areas to fluff nap in rug, then using a machine to shampoo and extract dirt and stains. Rug surface will remain a little damp and takes about 2 hours to dry.